What are Metabolic Types?

Though few of us are really sure of our genetic heritage, for optimum health, we need to follow the diet that our system is designed to eat. (By heritage, we mean thousands of years back, not the fact that your dad came from Scunthorpe, and your mum from Southern Spain!)

This individual chemistry or ‘metabolic type’ determines the optimal ‘macro-nutrient ratio’ for you. In other words, it defines what foods you should be eating: the perfect balance of fats, proteins and carbohydrates that will make your body function to its best and  make you feel and look amazing.

The theory behind ‘The Ancestor Diet’ goes like this…..

Each of our bodies metabolises (uses up) carbohydrates and proteins at different rates. 

A ‘Protein Type’ uses up carbohydrates quickly. So if a Protein Type eats a meal that is mainly or completely carbohydrates, they will burn through those calories quickly, leaving them hungry again soon after.

For a ‘Carbohydrate Type’ the opposite is true. They’ll burn through proteins more quickly and therefore need more carbohydrates in their diet to keep them feeling fuller longer.

The third type is the ‘Mixed Type’. A Mixed Type should try to eat a 50:50 balance of carbohydrates and proteins.

If you are not eating properly for your metabolic type, you will be inclined to eat more than if you were eating properly for your metabolic type. You will also have far less energy, and may feel bloated and sluggish a lot of the time. (Sound familiar?!)

Following ‘The Ancestor Diet’ and eating for your metabolic type is a great way to maintain optimum health and stay slim without constantly feeling hungry.

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