It’s very rare to come across somebody who admits to being resistant to change. Of course you are not, and nor am I…right? Well, consider this. It’s part of the human condition to be resistant to change. It’s part of avoiding danger, fear of the unknown, better the devil you know… even, dare I say it, basic laziness. It’s just easier to keep doing the same things, going through the same routines and avoiding the extra thought and effort required by new experiences.

But – here’s the wake up call – CHANGE IS GOING TO HAPPEN.

You can’t stop it!

The universe is in perpetual motion. The planets endlessly orbiting their stars, solar systems orbiting their black holes and galaxies moving inexorably away from each other for billions of years. The atoms and molecules that make up you, me, this computer screen, everything, perpetually vibrating, swapping electrons and quivering with quarks – up, down, charming or strange, whichever flavor you pick. Your life is an endless, unceasing series of interactions with other people, food, objects, chemicals, energy, etc..

There is no standing still.

No matter how much you try, or don’t, to avoid it, change is going to happen. Your health is either improving or worsening, your fitness is either moving forward or backwards. You might be able to change the speed a bit, to slow down the change. But here’s the thing – what’s the point in that? Why not accept the concept of change. Truly accept it, completely. Embrace it and decide to use it to move your life to a better place by controlling as much of it as you can. There is obviously plenty of change that can’t be controlled, including tragedies and accidents (even dealing with these can be helped by truly accepting the concept of change and deciding not to be afraid of it), but if you actively work for change then you can control enough of it to take you to where you want to go and become the person you want to be.

So, now decide who that person is that you want to be. And remember – it’s also part of the human condition to take risks, to search out new and better ways of doing things. To boldly go where no-one has gone before! That’s how we got from Cro-Magnon man living in caves to where we are today.

Once you commit to change and wholeheartedly accept the concept, even look forward to it, then the place to start is in the little things that happen every day. If you usually have toast, jam, coffee, processed cereal for breakfast, then add some plain oats, some raw nuts or seeds, try porridge, fruit, drink more water, try a green drink (!)… search out change every day and make it your friend. Enjoy every new experience, celebrate every difference in today’s routine from yesterday’s and feel the adrenalin rush of the unknown future. Your life will never be the same again!

By the 4D Personal Trainer in Barnes SW13 

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