Testimonial for 4D Personal Training Clapham, London SW4

By Neisha Crosland, Designer (www.neishacrosland.com)

After years of suffering from terrible headaches that would put me out of action for 2 or 3 days a month, I decided to take an holistic approach and start working with a personal trainer who could teach me how to improve my posture and breathing. I had been doing Pilates for several years, and tried Physiotherapy and Osteopathy, but without result.

Working with 4D Fitness has been a complete success! It took 3-4 months to completely stop the headaches. We worked through a series of steps to correct my posture and movement patterns, and I began to understand that my fundamental faults in core function and biomechanics were simply not being addressed by Pilates. Once I had been assessed and understood what my body specifically was doing incorrectly, and the steps we had to go through to improve, it was obvious that Pilates would never have fixed the problem. Now that my fundamental function – breathing, core, posture, balance – is working correctly, Pilates is a fantastic part of my routine.

I cannot recommend 4D Fitness highly enough – not only in terms of removing pain or discomfort, but as a professional company with very high standards that could no doubt help any number of people to get fitter, healthier and happier!

4D Personal Training in Clapham, London SW4

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