Not Exercised In A While? By The 4 D Trainer in Barnes

Busy schedules often get in the way of healthy eating and exercise. It is very easy to let exercise slide for a week or so and then think: well seeing as I’m not exercising what’s the point in eating healthy. Actually, this is completely the opposite of what you should be doing, good nutrition and exercise will give you more energy and reduce stress levels, enabling you to get through your ever evolving work load and to do list!

With the mornings getting more pleasant and evenings getting lighter now is the time to get a healthy routine back in your life.

The amount of times you hear people saying “Oh I’m going to get back to it Monday. Monday’s the day!” and then setting themselves an unrealistic and unsustainable programme, only for them on Sunday evening – following the second glass of Merlot – to think, actually, I’ll do that Tuesday. Firstly, Monday isn’t a magical day, I appreciate it’s the start of the week and all, but my advice would be to start as soon as possible, whether that be a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, or indeed a Sunday.

It is amazing how easy it is to talk yourself out of doing it. The more you think about it, the less chance – in my experience – of it happening. Exercise should be fun and beneficial, not dull and daunting. Small steps are key, if your muscles, ligaments and tendons haven’t been used to being put under load for a while you’ll find your central nervous system will wonder what’s going on if you push too hard too soon. Your CNS is responsible for generating muscular contractions in all types of training, so when you overload it, eventually it can tire out. As a result of this general fatigue, you will be weaker and slower in all of your movements – another great excuse not to exercise!

Exercise can often seem like a bit of a minefield, what with the sheer amount of material out there and latest celebrity workouts used to get them from couch potato to Mens Health cover model in 4 weeks! It would be nice if we could all have a personal trainer, nutritionist and masseurs to work with us on a daily basis. BUT, generally this is not the case. You need a workout that works for your lifestyle, current level of fitness and ability.

Try this quick and effective ‘back to exercise’ workout to get your body and mind back into the swing of exercising and create long term change. I recommend doing this first thing in the morning, as the longer the day goes on, the longer you have to find other things to do to avoid doing the workout. The repetitions are high for a reason, this is so you gently get your CNS used to your body being put through stress and movement patterns it currently isn’t used to.

Move from one exercise to the other, resting as little as possible in between. Start with one round and build up to three. Listen to your body, if it feels too much, take longer rest. I appreciate everyone wants results IMMEDIATELY but we want are aiming to achieve is routine, not aches and pains. This workout can be done every other day.

The below workout will only take between 8 – 12 minutes.

20 x bodyweight squats

20 x bodyweight push ups (perform on knees or against a wall if full ones are too tricky)

20 x side lunges (alternating from right to left)

20 x abdominal crunches

20 x dorsal raises

Kickstart you metabolism, raise your energy levels and try this bodyweight workout TODAY!

Not Exercised For A While? By The 4 D Trainer in Barnes

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