Personal Training for Weight Loss

This topic is huge, but we have a tried and tested formula that doesn’t involve any fads or gimmicks. There are quick fixes, but there are always pay offs. The key is to know what consequence on the body goes with what technique – what are the upsides and what are the downsides! We use strength and conditioning as a corner stone to our weight loss programme, and design an eating programme with you that will work. Correcting posture and biomechanics to raise metabolism is also key and much neglected! By putting our unique knowledge together in all of these areas we have created the most powerful and effective weight loss programme around*, that also makes you healthier!

Aesthetics and Toning

You want results and you want them fast! Achieving a really great look takes time and hard work, but there are many techniques that make significant changes to the way you look without harming long term results. We will work with you to design the programme that fits your lifestyle, achieves your goals and has a positive, not a negative, effect on health. Hair, skin, shape, posture – all contribute to the overall effect and can be improved through the right exercise and nutrition. It is only after our many years of research and experience that we have discovered the real secrets to success in this area!


  • Results will vary from person to person