The 4D Fitness™ System for Personal Training

Looking after your health and fitness in modern environments is no easy task, and we believe a sophisticated set of solutions is required. Over the last 20 years working as personal trainers with clients of all shapes and sizes we have developed a system that is easy to implement , but incredibly powerful and effective. The key to it lies in implementing solutions for all 4 dimensions of your health and fitness at the same time. The four dimensions that our personal trainers address are : exercisenutrition, posture and lifestyle. Leave any one of these out of the equation and it becomes very hard to succeed, whether trying to lose weight, improve performance, recover from injury or just stay healthy.

Any good astro-physicist will tell you that the 4th dimension is time. Time is the dominant factor in the 21st century’s health and fitness equation. Our everyday lives no longer offer the physical stimulation our bodies require, and so we are trying to squeeze all of our health/fitness ‘activities’ into shrinking leisure time. Or if aiming for Olympic success, managing the time schedule of the training programme is the key factor to ultimate performance. This process requires sophisticated management and the use of powerful and comprehensive techniques in all four dimensions of your health and fitness.

Every detail of 4D Personal Training is designed around helping you to gain maximum result from your precious time.

  • 4D Fitness™ Personal Trainers are experts in all 4 health and fitness dimensions, so you can address them all in one training schedule, with one trainer.
  • Our personal trainers can come to you, rather than you to us.
  • Our programmes combine techniques from all over the world and many different health and fitness systems. We have developed our techniques over 20 years into one of the most powerful, innovative and effective training systems available. We will get you results fast, but also results that last, and we will teach you how it works along the way, so that you never have to be confused by the conflicting fitness media again!
  • Our personal Trainers deliver the whole package using techniques that help you to effect behavioural change more easily, and improve your lifestyle across a broad spectrum of environmental, psychological and physiological criteria, making us unique in the health and fitness industry!

What is 4 Dimensional Fitness? – It is a sophisticated, comprehensive toolkit of heath and fitness solutions for the 21st century.

Who are 4D Fitness™? – We are a team of specialist mobile personal trainers capable of offering specific, individualised and holistic exercise, nutrition, postural and lifestyle programmes to everyone living in modern environments. These trainers really are the pinnacle of the health and fitness industry.

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