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4D Fitness is a specialist personal training company at the leading edge of the health and fitness industry for over 20 years. We use the 4D Fitness™ Systems to achieve exceptional results for our clients, including Cabinet Ministers, Team GB Athletes, NHS Consultants, mums-to-be, over 65’s, under 18’s, overweight, underweight and everybody in between. We are specialist mobile Personal Trainers and Fitness Consultants with a difference – we cover all 4 dimensions of your health and fitness:  exercise,  nutrition,  posture and  lifestyle… and we always start with a 4D Fitness™ functional assessment so we can design a bespoke programme fitted to you as an individual. We deliver truly comprehensive, sophisticated and holistic personal training that empowers you to find your full potential, whoever you are. We train individuals and groups, companies, teams and schools in London and across the UK. We also have a Personal Training Studio in South West London.

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4D Fitness™ – a team of specialist personal trainers with a difference…

4D Personal Trainers use a system that has been developed over many years of research and practical experience, combining techniques from many disciplines. Old or young, big or small, athletic or ill, the same principles of human physiology and function apply. When we assess your function and implement 4D Fitness™ training and programmes for the fundamental principles of the human body and brain (The 4D Fitness System), you will be amazed at what you can achieve. Our personal training is entirely flexible and designed to fit around your lifestyle and budget. Once a month, once a week or once a day, 4D personal training doesn’t finish when the session finishes – our goal is always to help you implement a whole range of healthy lifestyle factors and support you when we’re not around. Please enjoy browsing the site, where you will find information on the services we offer and our philosophies. If you have any questions, or would like to book a free consultation please feel free to contact 4D Fitness™ by phone on 0800 328 5849 or email info@4dfitness.com . If you are looking for exercise for People with Parkinson’s please visit www.4dlife.org

Where Does 4D Fitness™ Operate

Our team of mobile personal trainers cover London and the home counties. We also have a 4D Personal Training Studio in South West London (click here).We are currently looking for exceptional personal trainers to join our team so that we can expand into new areas and bring the 4D Fitness™ philosophy to the rest of the UK. We have personal trainers in London and South West London, personal trainers in Oxford and Oxfordshire, personal trainers in Surrey, personal trainers in Kent, personal trainers in Hampshire and personal trainers in Warwickshire. Our London locations include Barnes, Kew, Hammersmith, Putney, Chiswick, Fulham, Kensington, Chelsea, Richmond, Twickenham, East Sheen, Battersea, Clapham, Wandsworth, Wimbledon and Brixton.

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Weight loss and lifestyle support, 4D Personal Trainer in Kew

Weight loss and lifestyle support, Personal Trainer in Kew

I have been training with 4D for over 2 years now. My primary goal was to ensure I put in place and maintained a lifestyle that supported my health and work - not easy to do in the NHS! My secondary goal was to lose some weight. 4D are reliable, professional and well informed. I highly recommend using them to improve your lifestyle and fitness.

Improved Performance and Endurance, 4D Personal Trainer in Oxford

Improved Performance and Endurance, 4D Personal Trainer in Oxford

When searching for a coach/trainer you need an individual or a team that you can trust and 100% believe will get the best out of you as an athlete. These are the qualities I have found whilst working with 4D Fitness. They have improved my performance and function by developing my core, lactate threshold and endurance using methods that are unique to 4D Fitness. I would without doubt recommend them to anyone who wants a better quality of living and the opportunity to take their performance to the next level.

Adam Moore
Team GB Triathlete - 15th, World Championships 2009

Post Surgery Strength and Fitness, 4D Personal Trainer in Oxfordshire

Post Surgery Strength and Fitness, 4D Personal Trainer in Oxfordshire

I am glad to provide a very strong recommendation for 4D. I am 67 and not at all fit, having suffered from arthritis for several years. I approached 4D Fitness in July of 2010 for advice about how to regain strength and fitness following knee surgery in February. I have found my trainer to have a deep knowledge and experience of all aspects of strength and fitness, as well as the ability to give clear and informative answers to questions I have raised. Their convincing emphasis on the importance of building up over-all body strength, balance and stamina to enable one to carry out all the ordinary tasks of life safely, as opposed to focusing more narrowly on specific weakness or injuries, has been very successful for me.

Patricia Williams