Health and Fitness for Under 18’s

“My greatest wish for my children is for them to be healthy and happy. I’m sure I share this with all parents. We have been supporting families and teenagers to achieve these goals for over 10 years. Our passion is delivering sensible, scientific and tested information on exercise, nutrition, posture and lifestyle customised to the individual requirements of each client. Whether your child is competing at elite level or struggling to find any form of activity that they enjoy, we can make their journey easier and more successful. We work in synergy with school sports programmes, bringing information from the leading edge of the fitness industry direct to teenagers and families.”  Nick Berners-Price, 4D Fitness Founder

Unlocking Potential through Personal Training

We work one to one with teenagers, training them at home, at school or in local training facilities. This allows us to design a training programme that fits perfectly to the individual circumstances of each teenager. Every human body presents a unique set of genetic and learned movement patterns. Only an individually designed programme, delivered by experienced and trained professionals, can truly allow an individual to reach their potential. This applies equally to elite performers as to those tackling a weight problem. We can train with your child one, two or three times per week at times to suit their schedule. We can also work with whole families to improve overall health and lifestyle, as well as deliver cutting edge presentations and workshops for small groups and teams.

Our programmes use the most up to date techniques to improve strength, stamina, speed, flexibility, neuromuscular skills, resistance to injury and more. We start with a comprehensive functional assessment to gauge strengths and weaknesses, and from this design a corrective programme to optimise biomechanics and movement patterns. This will involve working on breathing, core function, balance, flexibility and symmetry. We then integrate these techniques into a training pattern that will include exercise that is fun, testing and progressive. The equipment we use varies from being as simple as balloons, steps and tennis balls, to vibration training tools developed by physiotherapists and punch pad/boxing kit. The whole programme is underpinned by a sensible but powerful nutrition plan.

The Goal

The goal of the programme is to help our teenagers to develop a strong, positive relationship with exercise, sport and health whilst equipping them with a powerful toolkit of techniques to maintain a lifelong healthy lifestyle. Improving movement patterns in teenagers is relatively simple, and most functional skills, once learned, last for a lifetime. We are also passionate about developing the talent of teenagers wishing to compete at elite level. Equipping competitive athletes with advanced training skills as early as possible in their sporting career can make the difference between a good athlete and a great athlete.