Testimonials for 4D Fitness Personal Trainers in London, South West London, Oxfordshire, Kent, Hampshire, Surrey and across the UK

Testimonial for 4D Personal Trainer in South West London

Testimonial for 4D Personal Trainer in South West London

4D Fitness have been training me for over two years now. I have used other personal trainers
 before but none were able to shift the last 4 kgs and tone my body to a 
point I was happy with. 4D Fitness were able to work out a relevant program for
 me and offer dietary advice that worked. They offer a variety of 
equipment to keep the sessions interesting and dynamic.

My 4D trainer had a great personality and nature, although always professional, he remained vibrant, humorous and
 diverse in stimulating conversation - a necessity when having multiple
 sessions in a week! I would have no issue recommending 4D Fitness to anyone.

Personal training sessions are beneficial for all, and even after reaching my
 target weight I continued them to further my fitness to release stress and
 remain focused within the workplace.

Testimonial for Lee Donaghy, 4D Personal Trainer in Clapham

Testimonial for Lee Donaghy, Personal Trainer in Clapham

Lee has been training me since August 09 and what a challenge he has had trying to sort me out!!

I was at the point where nothing was working - diets and exercise I just couldn't stick to them. My exccuse being that working long hours it was hard for me to stick to a routine! However I was getting more and more frustrated with how I was feeling physically and mentally.

I therefore decided to go down the personal trainer road, which was a bit of a luxury but it has really worked for me and I can't praise Lee enough.

With Lee's help and patience I have now lost a stone in weight, now try to get to the gym if I can 3 days a week and on the other days power walking and exercise at home. Not only do I feel healthier, but I also notice a change in my frame of mind. He has shown me that no matter how busy you are, you can fit in time for exercise and watch your diet.

I can't believe how he has changed my outlook to exercise. Whereas before I dreaded it and would make every excuse not to do it, I now know by doing it it improves so many areas of my life.

Slowly but surely I am moving in the right direction and it is thanks to Lee.

Lee is a very patient person and listens to what you say and adapts a programme suitable for your needs. He really is an excellent personal trainer.

Tracey Brimell
The Priory Hospital

Testimonial for Lee Donaghy, 4D Personal Trainer in Clapham

Testimonial for Lee Donaghy, 4D Personal Trainer in Clapham

I’ve never been one for workouts. In fact, getting from the car into the office without a cigarette some days qualified as my cardio for the week. But, when my husband and I discovered our attempts to get pregnant succeeded – much quicker than we ever imagined – I knew it was time to get serious about getting fit.

After years of failed relationships with gym machines, I knew a personal trainer was the only way to go. There was no use asking friends for recommendations, as they weren’t really the PT types. So after hours of research on the Internet – I found 4D Fitness who put me in touch with Lee.  One consultation with him, and I knew I had found someone who could keep me motivated even while I swelled to unimaginable proportions.

Lee’s experience and personality meant I actually look forward to workouts. He constantly keeps the “routine” varied while continually building your strength and stamina. Lee uses not only the tools of the trade – but your surroundings  - so you’re always comfortable. Before you know it, you’re not only enjoying yourself, but also learning how to maintain the fit new you. His knowledge of physiology means he can even reign you back when those endorphins kick in convincing you that you’re able to go much farther than you actually are. But don’t let Lee’s Hollywood looks and easy personality fool you. He may not be a barking boot camp instructor, but there were many mornings I cursed his very existence as my wobbly legs carried me towards work.

If you have a desire to get fit and want to enjoy yourself at the same time, get yourself the right personal trainer. For me, it’s Lee – a trainer with a personality.

Because, after all, dealing with your personal trainer shouldn’t be a workout in itself.


Kimberly Miller
Fox News

Testimonial for Nick Berners-Price, 4D Personal Trainer in Putney SW15

Testimonial for Nick Berners-Price, Personal Trainer in Putney SW15

Nick Berners-Price has been my wife's personal trainer for some years now, coming to the house 3 times a week. As a 77 year old, round-shouldered, retired lawyer I did not consider myself promising material for him. I was already doing some cycling and swimming, but had a vulnerable back and a recurrent shoulder problem which conventional medicine, including steroid injections, had failed to cure.

Reluctantly I agreed to give the 4D Fitness programme a try...and it has been fantastic for me! At no point does it push you beyond what is appropriate for your age, state of health and stamina. A gradual build up over about 18 months, including some use of specialist equipment like the 'flexibar', has led me to strengthened legs, an improved posture and generally improved fitness. No more aches or shoulder pain, and a lasting sense of well-being. whatever your age I cannot recommend 4D Fitness enough.

By David Massa, retired lawyer

David Massa

Testimonial for 4D Personal Training in Clapham, London SW4

Testimonial for 4D Personal Training in Clapham

After years of suffering from terrible headaches that would put me out of action for 2 or 3 days a month, I decided to take an holistic approach and start working with a personal trainer who could teach me how to improve my posture and breathing. I had been doing Pilates for several years, and tried Physiotherapy and Osteopathy, but without result.

Working with 4D Fitness has been a complete success! It took 3-4 months to completely stop the headaches. We worked through a series of steps to correct my posture and movement patterns, and I began to understand that my fundamental faults in core function and biomechanics were simply not being addressed by Pilates. Once I had been assessed and understood what my body specifically was doing incorrectly, and the steps we had to go through to improve, it was obvious that Pilates would never have fixed the problem. Now that my fundamental function – breathing, core, posture, balance – is working correctly, Pilates is a fantastic part of my routine.

I cannot recommend 4D Fitness highly enough – not only in terms of removing pain or discomfort, but as a professional company with very high standards that could no doubt help any number of people to get fitter, healthier and happier!

Neisha Crosland
Neisha Crosland

Cancer Recovery, Testimonial for 4D Personal Trainer in Fulham SW6

Cancer Recovery, Testimonial for 4D Personal Trainer in Fulham SW6

When I first came across 4D Fitness I was recovering from chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery! I had also had chronic lower back pain for at least 20 years. It's taken a while, but by tackling all the areas of my life that needed to change, and working together, things have changed. The postural work eventually solved the back pain, and the nutrition and lifestyle work has boosted my immune system. I'd always wanted to run, but had never been able to. Currently I'm pain free, cancer free and last year ran the New York Marathon with my trainer!

Thank you 4D Fitness!

Debbie Johnston

Injury Rehabilitation, Testimonial for 4D Personal Trainer in Twickenham

Injury Rehabilitation, Testimonial for Personal Trainer in Twickenham

I started training in January and have thoroughly enjoyed my training. I have found my trainer to be extremely knowledgeable and generous. Her knowledge of core training is second to none and the variety of exercises we get through always keeps things fresh and interesting. Coming from a sports background I really appreciate what I have learnt and the skill that goes into teaching and carrying out the exercises professionally. I have certainly felt the benefits of the training on the sports field, including helping me keep injury free. Without hesitation I would recommend 4D to anyone who wants to improve their core strength and overall fitness.

Kieran Hayes
Rugby Player

Weight Loss, Testimonial for 4D Personal Trainer in Putney

Weight Loss, Testimonial for Personal Trainer in Putney

I started training with 4D Fitness 2 years ago. My primary goal was weight loss. By following the rules I was given, without changing anything radically, I went from 11½ stone to 8½ stone. My body fat percentage has gone from 35% to 25%. This has been consistent, gradual weight loss over 18 months that has now stabilised. I just haven’t had to work that hard to do it, and don’t have to work too hard at maintaining it. The rules are quite simple, but do require a change of psychology around food, exercise and lifestyle away from the things we think we know to be true! I also used to get a lot of colds, at least every 2 months, and I now haven’t had a cold for a year. I highly recommend the 4D approach and have found my personal trainer to be 100% professional and reliable.

Weight loss and lifestyle support, 4D Personal Trainer in Kew

Weight loss and lifestyle support, Personal Trainer in Kew

I have been training with 4D for over 2 years now. My primary goal was to ensure I put in place and maintained a lifestyle that supported my health and work - not easy to do in the NHS! My secondary goal was to lose some weight. 4D are reliable, professional and well informed. I highly recommend using them to improve your lifestyle and fitness.

Improved Performance and Endurance, 4D Personal Trainer in Oxford

Improved Performance and Endurance, 4D Personal Trainer in Oxford

When searching for a coach/trainer you need an individual or a team that you can trust and 100% believe will get the best out of you as an athlete. These are the qualities I have found whilst working with 4D Fitness. They have improved my performance and function by developing my core, lactate threshold and endurance using methods that are unique to 4D Fitness. I would without doubt recommend them to anyone who wants a better quality of living and the opportunity to take their performance to the next level.

Adam Moore
Team GB Triathlete - 15th, World Championships 2009

Post Surgery Strength and Fitness, 4D Personal Trainer in Oxfordshire

Post Surgery Strength and Fitness, 4D Personal Trainer in Oxfordshire

I am glad to provide a very strong recommendation for 4D. I am 67 and not at all fit, having suffered from arthritis for several years. I approached 4D Fitness in July of 2010 for advice about how to regain strength and fitness following knee surgery in February. I have found my trainer to have a deep knowledge and experience of all aspects of strength and fitness, as well as the ability to give clear and informative answers to questions I have raised. Their convincing emphasis on the importance of building up over-all body strength, balance and stamina to enable one to carry out all the ordinary tasks of life safely, as opposed to focusing more narrowly on specific weakness or injuries, has been very successful for me.

Patricia Williams