4D Personal Training for Neurological Injury and Stroke Rehabilitation

Exercise plays an immensely important part in effective rehabilitation from stroke and neurological injury. It helps build confidence in movement and balance. It aids neuroplasticity and helps the body to develop alternative pathways around affected areas of the brain.

But perhaps most importantly a good personal trainer can help somebody who has experienced Neurological Injury or Stroke to regain confidence in movement and in the ability of their own body and brain to perform – both everyday tasks and physical activity and training. We recently attended a conference run by The ARNI Institute  at the British Medical Association, and the overwhelming message of the conference was that the sooner confidence to move can be restored, the better the outcomes that will be achieved. There are many technologies available to help in rehabilitation today, some them truly amazing in they’re potential. But there is no escape from the simple, practical measures of training movements such as sitting to standing and floor to sitting in a regular, methodical way to improve confidence and quality of life.

There is no better method of returning to a full life and maximising your physical capabilities than working with a personal trainer who is an expert in assessing current abilities and implementing a step by step programme for improvement. This is no different for a client recovering from stroke as it is for a client trying to lose weight, run a marathon or regain some energy and control in they’re lives. 4D Personal trainers have bags of experience in all these areas with clients from all different walks of life.

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