Sauces ADD Calories, By The 4 D Trainer in Wimbledon

We all enjoy eating out, and so we should: we work hard and deserve a nice meal out from time to time – and a break from the stove!

I have seen literally hundreds of food diaries over the years and one of the main sources of unnecessary calories that pops up is…drum roll…seemingly innocent SAUCES.

 A huge portion of the sugars and “bad” fats are found in the sauces served at restaurants;

• The sugar/butter mixture drenching the vegetables you special ordered to be “healthy”
• The dressings on the salads
• The cream sauces on the pasta
• The starchy/fat-laden sauces used in stir fries
• The cream/butter/sugar-laden sauces served over lean cuts of fish, chicken, and beef
Do yourself a BIG calorie saving favour and next time you’re eating out, be mindful to avoid the sauces.  You’ll save yourself a HUGE amount of calories without sacrificing the size of your meal  whatsoever.

• For salad dressing, go with oil/vinegar.
• For pasta sauce, go for tomato based 
• For stir fries, where possible ask the waiter it it is possible your meal can be prepared with chicken broth (and grab that Asian flavor from low-calorie soy sauce instead).
• For your vegetables, ask for butter on the side so that you’re in control of applying it
• For protein sources, skip the sauces for seasonings

Sauces ADD Calories, By The 4 D Trainer in Wimbledon

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