Post-Natal Personal Training

Time. Never is finding time for exercise, or good nutrition, more difficult than during the first 6 months of a new baby’s life! The name 4D Fitness was conceived from the fact that Time is the 4th Dimension, and that managing it is the key to all health and fitness programmes in the modern world. Our personal trainers can help you to maintain some kind of focus on your own needs as a mother, and help you to weather the storm of those first 6 months, and beyond. We can also ensure that your body completes the process of properly recovering from the trauma of pregnancy and birth – something that very rarely happens naturally in modern, western environments.

Pre-Natal Personal Training

Every pregnancy is special and unique, and you want to ensure that you are creating the best environment possible for you and your baby. The benefits of the right exercise during pregnancy are huge. The human body was designed to move and needs high quality movement to optimise its function. Our personal trainers can offer guidance on the right intensity, type and frequency of exercise. We can help you to optimise your nutrition, and help to give you and your baby the very best conditions for the start of a new life!


Parenting is one of the hardest jobs in the world! We work with many full-time parents, helping them to create a little time for themselves and keep control of their own body whilst dealing with the demands of the little monsters. You’ll find many 4D Trainers bouncing babies on their laps just to enable a parent to concentrate on their programme and finish whatever exercise needs finishing. We can give you the knowledge and techniques you need to achieve your goals, and a helping hand when it all just seems too much!