Posture with 4D Personal Training

Posture, function and biomechanics play a much bigger part of everybody’s life than most people ever realise! Blood supply, co-ordination, digestion, immune system, energy levels, lymphatic flow, almost every function of the human body is effected by posture and movement patterns. Every 4D client will start their journey with an assessment. This assessment is very different to the usual assessment you receive at a gym or from an inexperienced trainer. It does not assess fitness, it assesses core function, biomechanics and posture. One of the simplest explanations of how this works is to think about the pelvis, hamstrings and quadracep (thigh) muscles:

One of the first steps a 4D Personal Trainer will take is to assess the length/tension of the hamstrings. In most people we find a difference between the right and left legs. The hamstring muscles attach to the back of the pelvis – if one side is pulling harder than the other, the pelvis will be tilted. When this happens the joint with the spine (sacro-iliac joint), and potentially the lumbar spine itself, will be misaligned, effecting the flow of fluid and information in the blood vessels and nerves running through it.

A 4D Personl Trainer will also compare the strength/flexibility of the hamstring muscles and the quadricep muscles. Most joints in the body are operated and stabilised by a pair of muscles pulling in opposite directions across them, called an antagonistic pair. The hamstrings and quads form one of these pairs, and if their length/tension relationship is out of balance, again alignment of the pelvis, Sacro-iliac joint and spine will be affected.

We will build in to every session elements aiming to balance movement and joints. And where necessary link with  physiotherapists to help correct imbalances or improve function.

Achieving Balance and Equilibrium

The whole body is made of connections of different muscles and bones, each with similar structures and inter-relationships. Every exercise programme should start with an assessment of these relationships and a corrective programme that moves the body towards balance and equilibrium. When balance is achieved, energy will increase, pain will ofetn disappear, health will improve, weight loss will become easier, etc..

A 4D Personal Trainer will always start your exercise programme with an assessment, and then build into your programme elements that will help to restore balance and move your body towards optimal function and performance. We will also refer to and work with Physiotherapists  and Osteopaths wherever necessary. This is one of the key reasons for the continuing success of 4D Fitness.

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