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It can be difficult finding the motivation to work out after a long day in the office. With a 4D personal trainer in Surrey this is not the case; our highly trained and accredited mobile health and fitness experts are here to help you start reaching your goals, starting today. By paying attention to all 4 dimensions of fitness – exercise, posture, nutrition and lifestyle – you can start working on your dream body today.

Our mobile personal trainers are here to help anyone across Surrey, from Farnham to Woking, Guildford to Godalming, whether you’re still at school or newly retired a 4D Personal Trainer can help. We start with a functional assessment of posture, coordination, breathing, balance and flexibility. These scientific tests are based on over 20 years of research from the world’s leading sports institutions. Our Surrey personal trainers take the results of this assessment, and use them to create a bespoke fitness plan which will help you meet your goals. We’ll even be on hand to talk you through our favourite recipes to keep your mind focused, your body healthy and your stomach happy. For the most comprehensive fitness plans in Surrey, look no further than 4D Fitness.

Surrey Fitness Experts and Personal Training

The human body was designed to move. As tempting as reruns are, the right combination of regular exercise and a nutritious diet will help you start living a much more fulfilling life. That being said, we also believe that for exercise to be as fulfilling as possible, exercise should be enjoyable. This is why our personal trainers in Surrey will tailor your fitness program to your abilities and goals. The exercise programmes and nutritional advice we provide will help you sleep better at night and make you get out of bed feeling more refreshed. You won’t find better personal trainers in all of Surrey, so make sure you call 4D Fitness today.

Price and location are often determining factors when choosing your personal trainer. As a result we’ve helped make the decision easy for you; not only do we offer the most competitive rates for personal training in Surrey, but our mobile personal trainers will even come to you. Whether you like the atmosphere at the gym, the privacy of your home, the convenience of your office or the open air of the park, we will come to you at train you there. If you’re looking for the most flexible personal trainers in Surrey, look no further than 4D Fitness.

Why Choose 4D Fitness for Personal Training in Surrey?

Keeping fit isn’t easy – but then again anything worth having is worth fighting for. We know what it’s like, fighting the temptation of pizza and chocolate. We appreciate the appeal of collapsing on the sofa after sitting in the office all day. We guarantee that with our personal trainers in Surrey you will see how eating healthily and exercising regularly are worth resisting the temptation. Take your first step towards your goals with 4D Fitness today.

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