Personal Training for Over 65’s and/or Retired

There is no more important time of life to keep healthy and fit than in retirement. It is very easy to rapidly lose strength, flexibility, energy, immune response, bone density – the list goes on – when your lifestyle changes and the body ages. All of these can be maintained relatively easily with the right help and the right programmes and information, but we are often told by our retired clients that the idea of exercise or postural programmes were very hard for them to accept. 4D Trainers love nothing more than helping people of any age group create and implement programmes that suit them.

Training people over 65 is one of the most rewarding parts of our job! This is because so often you have assumed that certain elements of your body’s aging are inevitable when they are not, and real, significant improvements can be made very quickly. And this becomes even more relevant the older you get. We have trained people in their 80’s who have made significant gains in strength, mobility, stamina and hence quality of life. We would welcome the chance to prove this to you!


Exercise changes the chemistry of the body resulting in improved mood and increased confidence. Long before any changes in physical appearance, the right exercise and nutrition can lead to a totally different perspective on the world and an ability to take on challenges that would previously have seemed insurmountable.


This is one of the main sources of clients for us at 4D for one main reason. We offer an approach to rehabilitating pain or injury that is very effective but not yet widely available. More traditional approaches of treating directly the symptomatic area are a vital part of the process, but even more important is the assessment and correction of the underlying causes and dysfunction. By assessing function and biomechanics and correcting problems we create an environment in which the body can heal itself properly. Even in chronic cases, this approach can be remarkably effective.