4D Online Personal Training

For many years now 4D Fitness has been delivering industry leading personal training to clients and using a formula that has been proven to bring exceptional results. We have developed a reputation for sophisticated, individualised and comprehensive programmes that start with one simple technique – Stop Guessing, Start Assessing. An effective assessment of your current situation – posture, biomechanics, breathing, balance, co- ordination, eating habits, lifestyle – is the only way to know what programme will work for you. We treat you as an individual and act as the catalyst to help you achieve your true potential.

Our solutions then follow a powerful central philosophy, address all 4 dimensions of your health and fitness – exercise, nutrition, posture and lifestyle. It never ceases to amaze us how rare this still is in the fitness industry! That’s why our clients include Shadow Cabinet Ministers, NHS Consultants, mums-to-be, CEO’s, marathon runners, people overweight, underweight, ill, healthy and anyone in between.

The 4D Online Personal Training programme gives you full access to the 4D™ Health and 4D™ Performance Training programmes – our unique and proven methods of achieving the body, health and performance you want – at a fraction of the cost of training with us in person. And it can be delivered anywhere in the world, requires no equipment and fits in to any schedule

There are 2 key benefits of the 4D Online Personal Training programme that put it way ahead of other similar services:

  1. Sophisticated, Individualised and Comprehensive Programmes

    We have been using a sophisticated combination of techniques to achieve outstanding results with clients for over a decade. No other online personal training programme that we can find delivers solutions for all 4 dimensions of your health and fitness – exercise, nutrition, posture and lifestyle. And yet experience has shown us again and again that if you leave any of these factors out of your programme then your chances of success are significantly reduced. And within each of these areas 4D Fitness uses unique techniques that are the corner stone to our consistent results with clients.

  2. Support and Accountability

    The 4D Online programme treats you like an individual. It assesses you before you start, creates a unique programme that’s right for you, and only you, and then delivers the support and accountability that you need to stay the course and reach your goals. Whether you’re looking for a short term boost towards the ideal you, or help to implement and maintain a longterm, permanent lifestyle and body change, your personal trainer will build a relationship with you that will get the job done.Many online, or ‘virtual’ personal training programmes promise this – very few deliver! You won’t find another online programme that offers you all this. If you do we’ll give you your money back! There really is no excuse now to not commit to better health, a better body, better performance… and sign up to a programme that works. Your hard work and commitment, our knowledge, support and motivation – the sky’s the limit!

Your 4D Online Personal Training Programme works like this:

  • Initial Set up – Goal setting and Time planning
  • Food Diary analysis
  • Nutrition guidance and Eating Plan
  • Exercise and Injury history
  • Fitness assessment, Posture and Biomechanics assessment
  • Exercise programme, including Strength, Conditioning, Cardiovascular and Postural
  • Correction programmes
  • Lifestyle Assessment and Planning

Then every 4 Weeks –

  • Text alerts and Weekly messages
  • Unlimited email support
  • 30 Minute phone/skype review
  • Updated Personalised Exercise Programmes
  • Food Diary analysis and updated Eating Plan
  • Ongoing Fitness, Posture and Biomechanics assessments as required
  • Review and update Lifestyle Plan


Initial Set up – – – – – £99

4 Week Membership (first 24 weeks) – – £69

4 Week Membership (after first 24 weeks) – £59