Nutrition with 4D Personal Training

Eating is and should be our source of energy, health insurance policy, medicine and a great source of pleasure! So where has it all gone wrong?

The answer is easy, the solution is not. The food that makes up the majority of our diets in the west is cheap, low quality and highly processed. That’s it – not much more to it than that! Yes, we are eating too much salt, fat and sugar, but largely that’s because these are the ingredients packed into the cheap, low quality, processed foods that we are buying. If from this day, this moment forward you decided to eat only high quality, unprocessed, natural foods your health would be exceptional, your weight under control, your energy levels high, your skin/hair/nails would be strong and glowing – in short, you would be a lot better off.

So why don’t we all do this? It sounds so easy! BUT –

1. Eating only high quality, unprocessed, natural foods is not so easy. Even before most foods are grown today they are less nutritious than they used to be! Genetic selection, reduced soil nutrients, intensive/artificial farming techniques, unripe harvesting, storage and transportation, processing, preserving, cooking – all these factors and more lead to the food being so much less nutritious than the berry our caveman ancestor picked off the bush!

2. We are surrounded by impulses that destroy our ability to control our eating habits and desires. From the smells exploited by food manufacturers and retailers to the fast food shop on every street corner, from our genetic programming to eat fat, sugar and salt at every opportunity to our unfulfilled lives searching for instant gratification and comfort from food – not to mention a lack of exercise destroying our self discipline, and our total bewilderment from a media that never presents a balanced perspective on food and always shouts out the latest fad or discovery – it is no wonder that most people in the west have totally lost control of their diet and eating habits, even if they don’t know it!


There are ways to eat healthily and enjoy your food; it is possible to find methods to control your desires and eating habits and not feel like you’re life is on hold! 4D Personal Trainers lead clients through a process of education and managed change that give you back control – we develop a nutrition plan for you that suits your needs based on the underlying fundamental principles of human biology and evolution, but is customised to your genetics, lifestyle and goals. Our nutrition philosophy combines sensible, traditional ideas with leading edge scientific research to provide solutions to the problems. These techniques that are time efficient and easy to maintain.

The principles are easy:

• Eat food that is as natural as possible.
• Maximise and balance your micronutrient intake.
• Balance your carbohydrate intake with your calorie expenditure.
• Eat only high quality protein from a range of sources – either animal or vegetable, but always organic.
• If you need a supplementation programme, make sure it is balanced and high quality.
• Eat something raw with every meal.
• Drink enough water, make sure it is high quality and drink it at the right times! For most people this means at least 2 litres a day.
• Balance your virtues with your vices – if there are certain things you do not want to give up (smoking, alcohol, coffee) make sure these are counterbalanced with superfoods, and make sure the overall toxic load is under control.
4D Personal Trainers can walk you through the process of adopting these principles. You will never regret adopting them – we hope you let us help you make the change!