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Health, Fitness and Performance Coach

Advanced Remedial Personal Trainer

Nick Berners-Price has been involved in the fitness industry and competitive sport for over 20 years. As a personal trainer and performance coach he has worked with over 1000 people to help them achieve their goals. He has pursued a passion for researching and understanding the human body and its response to training and nutrition since he was 14 years old and now in his early 40’s has accumulated a unique set of skills and techniques in health, fitness and performance training. As a Health and Fitness Coach he has worked with Shadow Cabinet Ministers, CEO’s/leaders in industry, senior figures in the MOD and Department of Health, NHS consultants, elite athletes and celebrities. As an Advanced Remedial Personal Trainer he works with people with Neurological, Musculoskeletal and Cardiovascular injury or disease, as well as Parkinson’s and cancer.

He is passionate about expanding his knowledge, and through the 4D Personal Training team, using it to help people of all ages, abilities and circumstances to feel good, stay healthy and perform to their best .

Nick Berners-Price – The 4D Health and 4D Performance Training Systems

Nick created the 4D Performance™ and 4D Health™ Personal Training systems as a vehicleLink to NRPT Page to deliver leading edge training techniques across the personal training spectrum. They derive their techniques from the leading health and fitness institutions and systems around the world, including The American College of Sports Medicine, The CHEK Institute, The Institute of Optimum Nutrition, Dahn Hak (an ancient Korean Health system), Integrated Medicine, The UK Strength and Conditioning Association, and Pilates. They provide 4D Personal Trainers with a framework to develop their knowledge and deliver exceptional, comprehensive health, Register of Exercise Professionalsfitness and performance to clients. And he uses them himself with his own clients as a personal trainer in London.

Nick is constantly applying his techniques and research through new and testing experiences including cycling 1000 miles from Lands End to John a Groats, climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, running marathons, white water rafting the Zambeze and Colorado Rivers, playing Rugby in Zimbabwe and Basketball in America. He also has an Honours Degree in Economics and Politics, is married and has two young sons (Jake – 11, and Toby – 6).

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