Exercise, Nutrition, Lifestyle and Multiple Sclerosis MS

There is a significant and growing body of evidence that the interaction between nutrition, exercise and MS is substantial, and that well designed movement and eating programmes offer a viable solution to managing MS. We are not suggesting they should replace medication. But they may well delay the need for medication, offer methods to reduce, and in some circumstances even remove, this need. We do not say this lightly, and understand the implications. Our founder and owner has had MS for 12 years, so constantly researches and tries to understand the condition and all available solutions. He and his Neurologist agree that he does not currently need medication, and that it is likely the movement, nutrition, functional and lifestyle programmes he follows have played a significant part in delaying the need for medication, for how long is an unknown.

As personal trainers working with people with Multiple Sclerosis and other medical conditions, we see a common pattern emerge. Sometimes as much as 50% of the symptoms people are experiencing, and putting down to their condition, are in fact symptoms of poor nutrition, lack of movement, impairment of functions such as breathing and digestion, and detrimental lifestyle habits. It is truly remarkable, and for us as  personal trainers very rewarding, to see the improvements people can make when they address these factors and give the body what it needs to start to heal and function properly.

Some useful research – https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4409551/

4D Personal Training and Multiple Sclerosis MS

Exercise, and a healthy lifestyle in general, will mitigate the symptoms of MS in several ways, including improved balance, flexibility, mobility, stamina, gait and motor co-ordination. The right exercise also tends to improve digestion and related discomfort. We at 4D Fitness believe these improvements can be amplified by progressing from one-size-fits-all exercise programmes (used by necessity in the research studies), to individually designed, person specific, 4 dimensional health and fitness programmes. Outcomes are improved by this approach in every situation we’ve come across in our 20 years of leading edge personal training, and we don’t see why it should be any different for People with MS. Of course, there has to be modification for disease progression and functional capability. But that’s the point of working with a personal trainer – modifications are made every time you train to account for how you feel, and how capable you are, on that particular day!

So if you have Multiple Sclerosis, or know somebody with the condition, we urge you to get in touch and start training. We are very happy to co-ordinate training with your Physiotherapist or Consultant, and help you find relevant therapists and nutritionists where required.

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