Personal Training for Marathons

We have trained numerous intrepid amateurs through their first marathons, many experienced runners through their injuries, and some high performers through the 3 hour barrier! We are official marathon trainers to the charity FSID (read more here) and coached the Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls successfully through the three London marathons ! (Guardian article, Evening Standard, Daily Mail ).

Triathlon Training

We have trained many Triathletes over the years, and have our own in house Triathlon coach, Phil Richards. Phil is an experienced Personal Trainer, Level 3 British Triathlon Federation Coach and Club Coach at Oxford Tri. He can design programmes remotely through our Online Personal Training Programme, advise our trainers in any location, and work directly with you if you are in the Oxford area.

There are 2 key characteristics to 4D Marathon and Triathlon Training:

1. Bespoke Programmes – whatever your level, you are unique and your training programme must be designed to accomodate your own individual lifestyle, genetics, biomechanics, goals, injuries and strengths/weaknesses. One size fits all programmes that are routinely split into beginner/intermediate/advanced, or even into time goals, just can’t give you the right programme for you. The advantage gained by having a professional design your programme week by week, taking into account and integrating elements such as injury, holiday, running style, plateau, illness, etc., is invaluable.

2. Strength Training – this is without a doubt the secret weapon that has made 4D Fitness so successful when it comes to training amateur marathon runers, and particularly those running their first marathon without injury or pain! High quality strength training or circuit training keeps your legs and joints strong, improves your biomechanics and stamina and can be the difference between a miserable 6 hour slog and a lifechanging 4.5 hour triumph!

High quality Strength and conditioning training is one of the most powerful tools in our armoury of techniques. For performance athletes, including endurance athletes, a good strength and conditioning programme is vital to optimum performance. It will improve biomechanics and hence energy recycling, reduce injury risk and help improve lactate thresholds. For anybody looking for general health, weight loss, aesthetics and just about any other goal, strength training is the fastest way to real results. 4D trainers are well trained in the most up to date techniques for strength training, and will help you achieve your marathon goals, whatever they may be.