Lifestyle with 4D Personal Training

So many factors effect the outcome of an exercise programme other than the exercise itself! Sleep, hormones, digestion, food, stress, toxins, work environment, home environment, travel, mood, the list goes on and on. One of the most frustrating things as a personal trainer is watching people work hard on their exercise, and maybe even on nutrition, but sabotaging the results unknowingly with other elements of their lifestyle.

4D Personal Trainers are aware of the effects of various lifestyle factors on health and fitness, and will work tirelessly with you to find as many solutions as possible to the problems your life presents.  Of course we understand that many of the problems people face can’t be changed, so the key is to make the body as robust and resilient as possible to manage the fall out of any lifestyle adversity.

For example:

Stress at work or in relationships, lack of sleep, eating on the go and many other factors effect the digestive system. Even if you are eating a perfect diet, if your digestive system isn’t working properly then your body will not absorb the nutrients it needs from the food you’ve eaten, and your health and fitness will suffer. Understanding the mechanics and chemistry of the digestive system, and the many ways in which you can help it to become more resilient to stress enables 4D Personal Trainers to ensure their client’s success.

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