With so many ‘elaborate’ easy ways on the market to lose weight it’s no wonder why most people get confused or jump ship to the latest – apparently quicker and more ubersonic- weight-loss method! Or whatever its glitzy celebie new name is. I quite like ‘ubersonic’ though.

I’m going to cut to the chase and share five key points that are easy to implement and more importantly easy to stick to. There are many more, but the below five will put you on the right track to where you want to be. If you stick to the below you will be sure to see results.

1. Have an ally. Do not go on this journey alone. Having someone to report/check in with is invaluable to keeping on track, without the pressure of potentially letting someone down you are far less likely to reach for the mulled wine and mince pies. Alternatively, – without encouraging gambling – have a friendly bet; something meaningful though, that will be in your mind should you start to veer of course.

2. Eliminate sugar-containing beverages (fizzy drinks and pasteurised juices etc), alcohol, and junk food.  If you are currently having any of the aforementioned little enemies, your chance of experiencing fatloss (yet alone rapid fatloss) is slim to none.  On the other hand, you’re probably consuming SOME of these items currently, so eliminating them will automatically cut your calorie intake and put you on the fast track to weight-loss. 

3. Have snacks in-between breakfast and lunch and lunch and dinner. Always try to consume protein with EVERY meal. By having the snacks in between your three main meals this will stabilise your sugar levels and give you a feeling of feeling full and satisfied not to mention giving you a constant stream of energy, which will hopefully prevent you from cappuccino’ing yourself back to life during the 3pm office lull! A few good snacks combinations are;

Apple/pear and handful of almonds

Almond butter on wholegrain rice crackers

Celery/carrots and hummus

Cucumber and cottage cheese on Ryvita

4. Get 30 minutes of activity in each day.  What kind of activity do you need to do to get FAST results?  Simply put, if it’s more than what you’re currently doing, it will make a significant impact. For some, this may be simply walking (works great, especially if you’re currently not doing anything).  For others you may need to go more intense.  Just be sure to get 30 minutes of activity each day at an intensity level greater than what you’re used to. For maximum results combine resistance training with cardio in this order: warm up – resistance – cardio – stretch.

5. Avoid starches after lunch. Instead, concentrate on lean protein, loads of veggies to keep you full, and some healthy fats like olive oil, coconut oil, and/or organic butter.

How To Lose Weight The Simple Way, By The 4D Personal Trainer in Barnes

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