How Reliable is The Body Mass Index (BMI)?, By The Personal Trainer in Clapham

Are all our bodies that simple that all we need to do to determine if we are overweight, underweight or sitting pretty is to divide our weight in kilograms by our height in metres squared?

 In short NO!

Everyone’s body is unique. I recently read about a 4ft 11″ female body builder who was advised by a nurse in a routine appointment that she was overweight as her BMI came out a 29, some 4 points over the healthy range and one short of obese. I can only imagine having spent years competing against some of the world’s leading bodybuilders and following an uber controlled diet and exercise programme that this must have come as a shock to her!

Take the female bodybuilder for example she weighs 10st and is only 4ft 11″, now that might seem a lot for her height. BUT. In this case/individual it is sports specific, she has trained and nourished her body to be of a certain weight and certain body fat for competing.

The BMI is flawed because it does not distinguish between fat and muscle!

The best way for anyone keen to lose weight and keep track of it is to A) take measurements (neck, chest/bust, waist, hips, arms, thighs, calves), B) weigh bi-weekly (weigh yourself at the same time and in the same clothes – the less the better!) C) every week look at yourself in the mirror and see how clothes fit and feel.

How Reliable is The Body Mass Index (BMI)?, By The Personal Trainer in Clapham


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