Personal Trainer in Hampshire, Basingstoke, Winchester, Alton, Fleet, Farnham, Farnborough, Hook and Odiham

Helen is a personal trainer who understands the strains put on the human body by a modern world. After working in admin roles and nursery management, she had a career as a recruitment consultant for 8 years (experiencing first hand the effects of an office environment on the human body!), before deciding to pursue a passion for health and exercise and qualify as a personal trainer. She is a keen runner, regularly competing in half marathons around the UK and is an active member of Alton Runners, both as a member and as part of the coaching team. As always with 4D Fitness personal trainers, she has completed the 4D Health and 4D Performance training programme certifications to put her in the top 5% of trainers in the UK. We at 4D are always delighted when we find trainers that have already started to search for answers well beyond those that the traditional fitness industry training provides, and Helen is certainly one of those trainers. She had already come to many of the conclusions that any personal trainer worth their salt eventually finds before starting the 4D programme, and so we are now very confident in recommending her to anybody looking to improve their health, fitness, performance, rehabilitation, diet and life in general!

Her training to date has covered:

Scientific Core Conditioning

Scientific Back Training

Pre and Post Natal

Circuit Training

Nutrition for Health, Weight loss, Weight Gain, Energy Levels and Disease


Health and Lifestyle Coaching

Exercise Programme Design


Helen Lives in between Basingstoke and Winchester and is a mobile personal trainer covering Alresford, Odiham, Alton, Whitchurch and all surrounding areas. She brings a range of equipment and knowledge with her that enables her to get training results for almost anybody in any situation.

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