Personal Training for Health, Energy and Immune Systems

Health underpins results in every other category that we mention, and so the principles that we apply are put in place across the board. Achieving real health requires viewing the body from a cellular perspective and planning to improve the generic cellular environment. Everything from food to stress, hormones to exercise, bodytype to environment, age to lifestyle and more plays its part. Our programmes are comprehensive, based on a deep and sophisticated understanding of the human body. And the end result is improved fitness, nutrition, posture and lifestyle that will deliver results that astound you!

Immune Systems

Improving immune systems relies on many factors, and we will help you to use a combination of factors to achieve true health. Not only will you experience few, or no colds or coughs, your will reduce your risk of almost all of the major diseases like cancer, cardiopulmonary illness and degenerative diseases. Our success in this area lies with simple changes to nutrition, the right exercise programmes using both strength and stamina training, correcting posture and function, and cleaning out the body to reset the system.

Stress Management

Given that you are unlikely to be able to change the factors that are causing stress, we focus on building skills that enable you to avoid negative symptoms of stress building up. By improving energy, mood, confidence, stamina, posture and immune system, and creating the right physiological environment for the brain to operate optimally, you can manage the symptoms of stress so they do not manifest. We use the positive effects of exercise and nutrition, but also breathing, posture and lifestyle.

Nutrition and Diet

Your nutrition is both your health insurance policy and a great source of pleasure. The key is achieving the correct balance between these two factors to create a long term, stable eating plan that ticks both boxes. In today’s world this is not an easy task. Vital to success is understanding the effects of modern farming, food transportation and retailing, storage and cooking, as well as food marketing and pre-preparation. Another hugely important factor that is largely ignored is the process of digestion and absorption that has been significantly affected by modern lifestyles. We will provide you with the right information and work with you step by step to implement a plan that works for you. There are some short cuts that actually work, and we will help you to make the best use of these in the right way, without effecting long term, positive outcomes.