Exercise with 4D Personal Training

The human body is designed to move. Millions of years of evolution selected those humans with genetics that excelled at movement, and we all descend from a gene pool that requires our bodies’ to experience high quality movement stimulation to maintain health and fitness. Yet movement has gradually been removed from our everyday existence in the Western world to the point of threatening our health. This process is easy to counterbalance, but only if we follow the right principles of human movement to provide the right stimulation!

A 4D Personal Trainer will show you what to do and how to do it, and then support you every step of the way until it’s done!

Each of our clients starts from a different place, and each has their own challenges to overcome, but once initial corrections to movement skills have been made, we can all follow the same principles and fundamentals of movement to maintain health, and equally optimise performance.

High quality exercise stimulates energy, boosts immune systems, reduces injuries, improves speed/ strength/ appearance/ sex drive/ skin/ sleep/ hair and just about everything else – and makes you feel good, even unstoppable!

Strength and Conditioning

High quality Strength and conditioning training is one of the most powerful tools in our armoury of techniques. For performance athletes, including endurance athletes, a good strength and conditioning programme is vital to optimum performance. It will improve biomechanics and hence energy recycling, reduce injury risk and help improve lactate thresholds. For anybody looking for general health, weight loss, aesthetics and just about any other goal, strength training is the fastest way to real results. 4D Personal Trainers are well trained in the most up to date techniques for strength training.