Do Not Do These 3 Things While Dieting! By The 4 D Trainer in Clapham

I’m serious!

I’m sure all of you are aware that a large percentage of people who start a diet very seldom stick to it. We all know someone who is attempting to follow the latest ‘Yo-yo’ glossy magazine driven diet. I was shocked to learn that a recent study showed that an astounding 5% of people who go on a diet actually succeed at losing weight (and keeping it off).

What a shocking and terribly unfair statistic.

Fear not and plug the fridge back in – help is at hand.  If you STOP doing the 3 points below, I assure you, you will be on your way to a much healthier and slender body.

1.  Heavily restrict your calorie intake.  Sure, it may make logical sense that if you only eat a cup of salad a day, you’ll be losing fat like there’s no tomorrow.  Don’t shoot the messenger, but …it doesn’t quite work like that.  The truth is, your body hates heavy calorie restriction and crash diets…they almost instantly send your body in to “starvation mode”, decreasing metabolism and causing your body to hold on to your fat stores as a starvation protection mechanism. Not the desired effect!

Moderate, not severe, calorie restriction is the way to go for consistent, week-to-week fat loss…but even that can become problematic which brings me nicely onto the next worst thing to NEVER do while dieting:

2.  Restrict calories for more than 1 week.  No matter how moderate your calorie restriction, it won’t take the body long to figure out that you’re eating fewer calories than it’s used to getting on a daily basis.  The result?  Slowed fat loss and the dreaded fat loss plateau.  Not only are fat loss plateaus detrimental from a results point of view, they are also incredibly disheartening psychologically and cause many people to give up on diets from the lack of progress.
Sacrifice – reward = 🙁
Research has shown that it takes just under a week for important fat burning hormones to drop off due to calorie restriction, so it’s best that calorie restriction be limited to 1 week at a time.  So what do you do to “reset” your metabolism after a week of dieting?  Not our final point below…
3.  Deprive yourself of your favorite foods.  do you like fish and chips? I do. Indian? Ice cream?  How about pizza?  It’s a crying shame that these delectable favourite treats aren’t on the “approved” foods list of very many “diets”, and that brings up several problems:
A) You’re GOING to cheat.  Yes, even you with all the willpower in the world.  And when you do, you’re going to feel guilty…but you don’t have to, and you shouldn’t feel that way. You deserve a reward.
B) Depriving yourself of your favorite foods for weeks at a time will actually detract from your results due to the reasons shared in #2.
Bottom line, your favorite foods should be strategically implemented in to your fat loss program at least once a week. I recommend on the weekend.

Do Not Do These 3 Things While Dieting! By The 4 D Trainer in Clapham

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