Careers with 4D Fitness

We have a unique approach to personal training that has a proven track record of success, and we are looking for trainers nationwide to join our team. If you have the right qualifications and experience then we can offer a career path that can help to take you to the clientbase and income that you deserve. In contrast to the many so-called ‘Personal Training Companies’ in the industry today, everything we do is focused on developing long term relationships – between us and you, and between you and our clients.

We offer a licensing structure that gives you flexibility and simplicity. You can continue to train your own clients, and work for other companies, whilst holding a license to operate as a 4D Personal Trainer in your area. We will train you in the comprehensive methodology of 4 Dimensional Fitness, and offer a structure for continued learning. We will source clients in your area for you to train with no obligation, supporting you in their training wherever needed. We are a sounding board for ideas, a point of reference for advice, management back up with challenging clients, a source of information for continued education and a resource of experience for all things related to running a personal training business.

In return we ask that you offer a professional, above expectation, industry leading service to your clients and you stick to the terms of the agreement that we will go through in detail together before you start. Our financial terms are very competitive and rarely equaled in the industry. And we ask that your heart and sole is committed to using personal training to transform peoples’ lives in the long term. We believe personal training can be one of the most powerful tools for helping people perform to their best in life. And if you are committed to a career in personal training with 4D then at some stage you will work with highly influential and powerful people, and if you help them, you are helping everyone they help. We have worked with some of the most influential people in the country and have seen this in action!

4 Dimensional Fitness

Looking after your health and fitness in modern environments is no easy task, and we believe a sophisticated set of solutions is required. The four dimensions that we address are : exercise, nutrition, posture and lifestyle. Leave any one of these out of the equation and it becomes very hard to succeed, whether trying to lose weight, improve performance, recover from injury or just stay healthy.

What is 4 Dimensional Fitness? – It is a sophisticated, comprehensive toolkit of heath and fitness solutions for the 21st century.

Who are 4D Fitness™? – We are a team of elite mobile personal trainers capable of offering specific, individualised and holistic exercise, nutrition, postural and lifestyle programmes to everyone living in modern environments. These trainers really are the pinnacle of the health and fitness industry.