About 4D Fitness and our Specialist Mobile Personal Trainers

4D Fitness was created in 1998 by Nick Berners-Price. It is now one of the leading personal training companies in the UK, delivering a service to clients that is professional, innovative and effective. How do we know? Because our clients tell us (click here for testimonials), and we are constantly scouring the fitness industry to find and absorb new and improved training tehniques.

Back when we started delivering mobile personal training (in the late 20th century!) there were only a handful of other mobile personal trainers around. Now there are personal trainers on every street, and the real skill is knowing the bad ones from the good, and even the truly exceptional. 4D Fitness takes great, qualified trainers and puts them through an advanced training programme that enables them to become truly exceptional personal trainers.

Why Choose a 4D Fitness Personal Trainer

Our training techniques, the 4D Health™ and 4D Performance™ training systems, have been created over 20 years of research and development into the workings of the human body and its responses to various stimulii. They are continuously evolving, but draw on information from all the world’s leading health, fitness and wellbeing education institutions, including:

The American College of Sports Medicine, The CHEK Institute, The Institute of Optimal Nutrition, Dahn Hak (an ancient Korean health system), Pilates, Yoga, Poliquin International Education, Nautilus International Education and many more.

All 4D Fitness Personal Trainers are given an understanding of the importance of addressing the underlying functional systems of the body. These include the:

Nervous system, Digestive system, Immune system, Endocrine (hormonal) system, Proprioceptive (balance) system and Pulmonary (breathing) system.

Addressing the needs of these systems at the same time as the needs of the muscles and joints (the only system that 90% of personal trainers address) is the real secret of our continued success with clients and the reason for 4D Trainers maintaining their position at the top of the UK fitness industry.

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